Ordering for Stake Canning Day:

You will be able to order all products on stake canning day, including dry pack items for the month, bulk foods, starter kits, prepackaged foods, and canning accessories. There are no limits on amounts at this time if you pre-order through your ward canning specialist.

To Order:

To Check Prices:

Go to www.providentliving.org and Click on Family Home Storage (on the left side of page), Click on Home Storage Center Order Form (on the right) and finally Click on Home Storage Order Form (center)

Stake Canning Day:

Arrive at the cannery on stake day by 7:45am and check in with your ward specialist. Bring your order form and a personal check. The training process for canning dry pack items begins at 8:00am If you have not arrived by 8:00am then your order will be cancelled. If you have not ordered any dry pack items, you do not need to arrive by 8:00am but please do arrive by 9:00am as two other stakes will be coming in at 1:00pm. Each member will fill their own orders, check out, and pay with a personal check. Ward and stake canning specialists will be there to help you fill orders and answer questions.

Alternatives To Stake Day:

Walk-in Purchases: Members (or a friend or family member) may walk in to the dry pack area of the cannery any time during normal operating hours. Any bulk items available, starter kits, prepackaged items and canning accessories may be purchased at that time with a personal check. Limits on walk-in purchases are 300 lbs. of bulk or 10 cases of prepackaged items (unless otherwise notified). The number for the Mesa Home Storage Center Dry Pack area is 480-214-9114. The main cannery number is 480-967-8551. A portable canner may be borrowed from the cannery or from your stake canning specialist (Leann Cordon, 480-497-6009 or 602-430-8774). Your ward may want to arrange for a ward canning day using the portable canner to can the bulk foods you purchase.

Family Canning Day: Family Canning Day for dry pack is the first and third Friday each month. There may be some Saturdays planned. Family canning is by appointment only. Call the dry pack area at 480-214-9114 to make an appointment.

Ordering On-line: The starter kits and prepackaged products may be ordered on-line at www.ldscatalog.com or by calling 1-800-537-5971. Keep in mind that shipping costs will be charged.

References: LDS Pamphlet "All is Safely Gathered In" available at www.providentliving.org
Short Term Storage: A 3-month supply of food, water, and financial reserves for your family
Long Term Storage: What you have room to store and/or what is lawful to store


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